Boker Damascus Superior

Boker Damascus Superior

For this extraordinary blade of our Damascus Chef’s knife Superior we use firstly a 4 band Torsion Damascus with a separately forged Damascus cutting edge, which is forged exclusivly by the German Damascus forger Andreas Henrichs with a fascinating precision for Boker.


In an extremly intricate process individual Damascus bands are welded into one big Damascus band. This four sided Damascus band is twisted 15 times in itself, to create a unique pattern of the 300 layers of Torsion Damascus. Four of these twisted Torsion Damascus bands and a fifth strap made of non twisted Damascus are now welded and forged into a Damascus pack.

The result of this time-consuming and sweaty craftmanship is a blank with in extraordinary structure and unimagined solitidy. The arrangement if the non twisted cutting edge ensures a homogeneous edge and guarantees an outstanding cutting performance.


This technique of Damascus fabrication is born in Europe and it has been already used in the middle age to make especial high performance sword blades for the nobility. Sword with Torsion Damascus blades have been very desired, that raids of the vikings have been made only to capture these blades.

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